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Advice for Landlords

We’re experts in managing rental properties so you don’t have to be. However, it is still important that you understand the obligations that apply to you as a landlord, and guarantee that everything runs smoothly when you rent your property.

Obligations that apply to you as a landlord

Adhering to Regulations

There are certain standards which landlords must adhere to when renting a property. These change regularly and it is important to comply with current regulations.

Buckley Real Estate, as a leader in the lettings sector will inform all our landlords of these changes and can begin any works required in order to comply. Bear in mind that there can be serious repercussions for not complying with these standards.

External Resources – Minimum Standards

  1. This reference details the minimum standards expected of rented accommodation from the perspective of the tenant, and to which the landlord must comply. Citizen’s Information
  2. From another source, the RTB, this outlines what the rights are for both landlords and tenants, best practice advice, and what happens when they are breached.

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