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Advice for Tenants

Always ensure that your tenancy is registered with the Residential Tenancies Board

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Advice for Tenants

Currently rents are high in Ireland, and tenants have a right to the following during their tenancy:

  • A property that is in good condition, structurally sound, have hot and cold water, and adequate heating.
  • Privacy – the landlord can only enter the property with the tenants permission, unless reasonable attempts have been ignored.
  • Tenants should be clear on the amount of rent that is payable and when it is due to be paid.
  • Deposits required at the start of the tenancy cannot be more than one month’s rent.
  • Landlords must acknowledge rent and any other payments made, by recording in a rent book or by providing a receipt or statement.
  • Be told about any increase in rent.
  • Be able to contact the landlord or their authorised agent at any reasonable time.
  • Be paid back monies for any required repairs the tenant carried out that they asked the landlord to fix but which they did not carry out within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Refer a dispute to the RTB. If a tenant believes the landlord has miscalculated his/ her rent, the tenant should speak with the landlord about this. If the issue cannot be resolved the tenant or the landlord can apply to the RTB for Dispute Resolution Services.

For a full overview of both landlord and tenant rental rights and responsibilities, please read the Good Landord Tenant Guide

Tenant’s Responsibilities

  • Pay their rent in full and on time. This applies even where a dispute case has been lodged to the RTB.
  • Keep the property in good order and telling the landlord when repairs are needed.
  • Ensure they do not harm the property e.g. drying clothes inside without proper ventilation as this may cause damp to spread.
  • Allow the landlord to carry out inspections of the property at reasonable intervals at agreed date and time.
  • Lett the landlord know who is living in the property if not on the tenancy agreement.
  • Not engage in anti-social behaviour.
  • Comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, whether written or verbal.
  • Give proper notice when they plan to end the tenancy.
  • Keep a record of repairs, payments and dealings with the landlord.
  • Ensure they don’t do anything that could affect the insurance premium on the property e.g. engaging in hazardous acts

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